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Portrait of a nude lesbian holding her dog in front of a grey cactus-pattern background.
The Boo and Baby Sitges
Oil and acrylic on canvas
48" x 36"

This portrait depicts Nicole ‘Cole’ Rodriquez and poodle, Sitges España Rodwyler. Cole is Mexican-American and grew up in Arizona. The background features saguaro cacti, which are native only to the Sonoran Desert in the American Southwest.

Cole often dances around the house nude. On this occasion, she was two-stepping past my studio door to a Willie Nelson tune. I asked her to stop so I could snap a quick photo, and naturally Sitges wanted to make a cameo appearance.

Exhibition History:

2018 We, the people who live for the beautiful, Bondi Pavilion Gallery, Bondi Beach, Australia
2017 Sir John Sulman Prize,* Art Gallery of NSW*, Sydney, Australia.