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Two androgynous figures embracing among a multi-colours abstract pattern to capture the spirit of the times as Australia make marriage equality law.
Yes (About Time)
Oil on canvas
24” x 18”
December 07, 2017

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On Dec 7, 2017 Marriage Equality became law in Australia. As a portrait artist I felt it was important to capture the wide-ranging emotions surrounding marriage equality by depicting two figures embracing. I made the figures androgynous and largely unpainted, allowing the viewer to cast their own interpretation.

The painting started with an abstract multi-coloured background that I created while thinking about the road it took to get here. The blood, sweat and tears of those campaigning for decades, the heartache of having LGBTQIA+ rights put to a public opinion survey, the homophobia and in turn the tremendous support for Equality. I used another layer of lavender paint to create a multitude of shapes and sizes to reflect the diversity of our community. Families, lovers, friends...I hope that everyone who views it will see themselves reflected in some way regardless of their age, skin tone, gender or identity.