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Painted portrait of an androgynous women wearing HANDSOME underwear amidst an abstract background of blue and amber orange.
Oil and acrylic on canvas
60” x 40”

Meet Melbourne-based musician Shan Watson. They are drawn to stormy ocean blues, deep greens and amber. We sat in my living room chatting while I sketched, and when the time came to pose Shan knew exactly what they wanted to do. Aside from being a talented musician, Shan hosts workshops for trans/non-binary/gender questioning individuals who want a safe space to learn and explore. Shan's own relationship to gender is in a constant state of fluctuation, as conveyed through layering color, abstraction and figurative realism in this work.

When asked if there are any projects they'd like me to share alongside this portrait, Shan replied ‘I just like living in my caravan in the bush mostly. Building my little house.’ What a badass.