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Oil and acrylic on canvas
18" x 18"

This painting is available.
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This portrait features my friend, Danielle Vos. Our initial sitting took place in Centennial Park amongst the native flora and fauna of Sydney. We chatted for over 2 hours, discussing life, queer identity and Dani's love of art. The portrait came to life in my home studio over the course of 3 weeks. Throughout the work I push and pull the boundary between realism and abstraction, highlighting the layers and complexity of Dani's identity, gender and beauty.

I first met Dani when she reached out as a Producer for Foxtel Arts. They were launching a new show to showcase the dynamic spectrum of arts and cultural events occurring across Australia. Dani asked me to be an artist in residence, creating an original piece of art during the 6-hour recording of the program. We decided to catch up beforehand at an art fair in Sydney, and became instant friends.

Danielle Vos is an openly queer television Producer with over 10 years broadcast production experience across many different genres, specialising in documentary.