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Oil on canvas
24" x 18"

Portrait of HANDSOME, an artist crafting a mix of Tomboy pop and brooding electronica, based in Sydney, Australia. The bold and new sounds announce a celebration of self-expression and carefree creativity, but is still accompanied by obsessive perfection. The name HANDSOME is a nod to her queer identity and is inspired by strong friendships, falling in love, kissing girls and defying people’s expectations of who they want you to be and celebrating who you want to be.

This painting has already found a good home!

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Exhibition History:

2020 Queer Portraits (solo), Nanda/Hobbs Gallery, Sydney, Australia

This painting has an augmented reality experience. To activate the augmented reality, open the Artivive app on your smartphone or tablet. Whether you are looking at the artwork online or in person, simply view the work through the Artivive app and the augmented reality will come to life.