Feel free to reach out for any reason! I welcome feedback on my work, gallery enquiries, and can happily provide details on how to purchase my original paintings or shop for prints. My work is currently being exhibited in the Archibald Prize, touring Australia through 2018.

I create figurative portrait paintings of LGBTQ+ identified and Queer-allied women, most recently focusing on those who have impacted my life in some way. My work toys with the concepts of glorification, objectification and modification, touching on the mutability of identity, gender and beauty. Although I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, I have come to focus on painting because of its primarily masculine history in the western art canon.

A portrait inherently objectifies its subject. The female body in particular has been portrayed in a multitude of societal, cultural, scientific and historical contexts that build a sense of glorification, and sometimes eroticism. The ‘ideal’ female anatomy has changed over time, with varying aesthetics that metamorphose based on age, race, geography and time period. For centuries humans have embraced body modification as a means of expression, rites of passage, religious beliefs and cultural aesthetics. Body art, plastic surgery and piercings are not uncommon among the women you see in my work.

Dedicated to my studio practice, I intend to continue making art throughout the course of my life, no matter what path my career may take. In the future, I see my artwork stimulating dialogue in both the feminist and mainstream art worlds.